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How to choose a dissertation topic?

Choosing a topic is one of the most difficult tasks in dissertation writing. Students are often unclear about which topic to choose for their dissertation work. The topic to be chosen should also be relevant to your field of study. You will be able to write good quality content after choosing a unique topic for your dissertation.

Here are some steps which will help you to choose the right topic for your dissertation.

  • First of all, make a list of requirements that you want in your dissertation. Also, be aware of all the special terms and conditions laid down by your college or university for the dissertation.

  • Now decide whether you want to do your own practical research or work on the previously existing research. Do you want to fetch your own data or use the existing data?

  • Keep in mind your area of interest while choosing a dissertation topic. Do not divert from your stream of study. Make a list of all the ideas in which you have interest. This will help in narrowing down your list of choices and make your work a bit easier.

  • Read the journals related to your field of study. Find out the latest research work published by other scholars. This will showcase before you a number of interesting topics which you might not have heard before.

  • Take the advice from your supervisor. He will guide you properly as he is the one who is going to assist you in your dissertation work. Discuss your interests and take a feedback of which topic to choose and which not.

  • Shortlist some of the topics to make a final selection. From the topics shortlisted, choose the one which you can describe in a small paragraph.

  • Now you have selected the topic. It is the time to start the work.

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